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Halloween Games

Other Halloween Games

    Witch Witch

    Witch, Witch is a game where each chid takes a turn at being the witch, while all the other children walk around in a circle singing a Halloween rhyme.

    Blindman's Buff

    This is played by blindfolding someone. They then have to try to guess the identity of the people, without taking of the blindfold.

    Cat Conversation

    Each guest must say a sentence that includes the word "cat" as a syllable. Each player takes it in turns to come up with a word if they are not quick enough the group shouts "Scat!". The player must then leave the circle. This goes around until there is one remaining player who is the winner.

    Mischief Night

    A good game played on Mischief Night was to climb over a roof and pile turf into the chimney top. This soon filled the house with smoke.


    Guisers are young men and women who wore masks or blackened their faces with soot and then asked for money for food on Hallowe'en night.

    Sometimes they sang or danced and if people treated them well, they would not come back for a whole year. They used to sing songs about apples and beer.

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