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Halloween Ghouls and Characters


    A man transformed himself into a werewolf sometimes so as to do evil or take revenge on an enemy. Also as a form of punishment. To transform into a werewolf he must do a ritual at midnight by the light of a full moon. First he must draw a magic circle and then build a fire over which a potion of herbs and drugs is placed. He then smears the ointment made from a freshly killed fat cat, mixed with aniseed and opium, and then he ties a wolf skin around his waist. Once this has been done he kneels down inside the circle and chants an incantation.

    If done correctly the man will take on the characteristics of a wolf. Once transformed the werewolf can indulge in hunting, killing and eating. A woman who becomes a werewolf kills and eats her own children as well as other peoples children.

    The best way to kill a werewolf is with a silver bullet. Once killed the werewolf returns to human form.

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